Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 has been successfully completed on 18 November. This is a major sporting event in Hong Kong to raise funds for alleviation and emergency relief projects in Africa and Asia. Friends Provident International Limited (FPI) is the first year to support this meaningful charity event. The challenge requires a four-member team to complete the 100-kilometre MacLehose trail within 48 hours.

FPI had one team to participate the event, and the team is formed by the staff from Hong Kong and Singapore. The team by completing the course in around 30 hours and showing their team spirit by fight against their tiredness and overcome all the difficulties along their challenge. We are so proud of them by taking the challenge and return to the society.

Dare to Dream Sponsorship and Award Presentation

2012 was the second year FPI sponsored the “Dare to Dream” program to continue developing the concept of saving money among teenagers. Same as last year, the beneficiary NGO was HKSAS and it was kicked off by a financial planning seminar in January, followed by a shortlisting period in February.  After submitting the proposal, the shortlisted students needed to develop a three-month saving plan to achieve their goals. Candidates who were successful in meeting their goals were matched by FPI’s matching fund as reward.

In July 2012, FPI held the Dare to Dream prize presentation ceremony, in which we rewarded those students who had been successful in achieving their savings targets. It was so wonderful to see these students achieve their savings targets and the happiness that they attained from the experience. This was a rewarding event that FPI definitely plans on continuing next year and in the future.

Caring Company Recognition

FPI received the Caring Company logo for the third consecutive year in 2012 and continued to be recognized as a good corporate citizen for the community. We will continue to support the community through different CSR programs.