Dare to Dream Sponsorship and Award Presentation

In 2011, FPI and HKSAS co-organized “Dare to Dream 2011,” which aimed to develop basic financial planning and education programs for underprivileged teenagers aged up to 21. The program was kicked off by a financial planning seminar in January and a shortlisting period in February. Students were required to submit proposals detailing the items they wanted to purchase to improve their lives, and selected candidates needed to develop a savings plan of their own and meet it over the course of three months (March to May). Candidates who were successful in meeting their goals were matched by FPI’s matching fund as reward.

In July, FPI held the Dare to Dream prize presentation ceremony, in which they rewarded participating students who had been successful in meeting their savings targets. By sponsoring these children and allowing them to purchase the items they needed to improve their educations and their relationships with their families, we helped make their dreams come true.

Caring Company Recognition

2011 was the second consecutive year that FPI received Caring Company recognition and continued to be recognized as a good corporate citizen for the community.

Flag Selling Day 2011

In April, many of our staff and their families joined the Flag Selling Day. The money raised was used for sponsoring HKSAS’s  “Family Energy” project.