Isle of Man investment benefits

Financial security from being based in the Isle of Man.

It is important to know your savings and investments are protected and safeguarded. As we are based in the Isle of Man, which is recognised as being a well regulated offshore Finance Centre of excellence by the International Monetary Fund, you benefit from getting two layers of protection that we must provide.

1. Solvency and Reporting Obligations. Under the Isle of Man Insurance Regulations 2018, life insurers are required to hold sufficient capital in order to provide confidence that future policyholder liabilities can be met as and when they fall due. The solvency capital requirements take into consideration all of the quantifiable risks that an insurer faces, and are calculated to ensure that companies remain solvent following a 1 in 200 year risk event.

The fact that companies are legally obliged to submit independently audited annual reports to the authority and to the public to demonstrate their solvency helps maintain confidence in the financial position of Isle of Man life insurers.

2. Compensation Scheme. If a shortfall in the assets backing our liabilities were to occur, our customers are protected by The Life Assurance (Compensation of Policyholders) Regulations 1991. This provides customers with up to 90% protection if were unable to meet our liabilities.

You should be aware that these investor protection and compensation schemes only apply if we cannot meet our liabilities. The schemes do not cover any losses incurred through a fall in value of investments held in an investment-linked policy.

With its wealth of experience, its excellent communications and its central location within the British Isles, it is not surprising that a number of the world’s leading international financial companies are based here.