Investment-linked funds information

The underlying investments of the investment-linked funds are unit trusts/mutual funds authorised by SFC. Such authorisation does not imply official recommendation. SFC authorisation is not a recommendation or endorsement of the unit trusts/mutual funds nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of the unit trusts/mutual funds or their performance. It does not mean the unit trusts/mutual funds are suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors.

You should read the corresponding offering documents (including Product Key Facts Statement) of the underlying funds, which will be made available by our Hong Kong office upon request for details of the underlying funds (including, without limitation, their investment objectives and policies, risk factors and charges).

To find out more about the risk/reward profile, please click here.

Code of investment-linked fund Name of investment-linked fund Currency of investment-linked fund Risk/reward profile
P65 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Asia Pacific Equity USD Grade 5
P33 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I All China Equity Fund USD Grade 5
R11 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Smaller Companies USD Grade 5
P54 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Indian Equity USD Grade 5
J96 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Innovation Equity USD Grade 5
R62 Allianz GEM Equity High Dividend USD Grade 5
J48 Allianz Emerging Asia Equity USD Grade 5
R63 Allianz Japan Equity USD Grade 5
R44 Allianz Total Return Asian Equity USD Grade 5
L26 Alquity Africa USD Grade 5
J03 Barings Asia Growth USD Grade 5
M56 Barings Australia USD Grade 5
P48 Barings Eastern Europe USD Grade 5
J27 Barings Developed and Emerging Markets High Yield Bond Fund USD Grade 3
P87 Barings Global Bond (EUR) EUR Grade 3
M57 Barings Global Bond (USD) USD Grade 3
M55 Barings Hong Kong & China USD Grade 5
J46 Barings Korea Feeder USD Grade 5
P56 BlackRock Japan Opportunities USD Grade 5
P69 BlackRock Sustainable Energy USD Grade 5
L83 BlackRock United Kingdom (GBP) GBP Grade 4
L84 BlackRock Emerging Markets Corporate Bond (USD) USD Grade 3
J77 BlackRock US Flexible Equity USD Grade 4
M82 BlackRock World Gold USD Grade 5
P70 BlackRock World Mining USD Grade 5
P89 BNP Paribas Brazil Equity USD Grade 5
L47 Fidelity America USD Grade 4
L12 Fidelity EMEA USD Grade 5
J84 Fidelity Euro Blue Chip EUR Grade 5
J87 Fidelity Euro Bond EUR Grade 2
L46 Fidelity Global Dividend USD Grade 4
P78 Fidelity Global Property (USD) USD Grade 5
L85 Fidelity US Dollar Bond USD Grade 3
R30 FSSA Asian Equity Plus USD Grade 4
R51 FSSA China Growth USD Grade 5
R31 FSSA Greater China Growth USD Grade 5
L39 Franklin Biotechnology Discovery USD Grade 5
P51 Franklin Mutual European EUR Grade 5
J55 HSBC Chinese Equity USD Grade 5
J56 HSBC Hong Kong Equity USD Grade 5
L14 HSBC Russia Equity USD Grade 5
R25 Invesco Asia Opportunities Equity USD Grade 5
J02 Invesco Asian Equity USD Grade 5
L40 Invesco Continental European Small Cap Equity USD Grade 5
J38 Invesco Emerging Markets Equity USD Grade 5
P74 Invesco Euro Corporate Bond EUR Grade 2
J57 Invesco Global Health Care USD Grade 5
M87 Invesco Global Small Cap Equity USD Grade 5
L45 Invesco India Bond USD Grade 3
J58 Invesco US Equity USD Grade 5
L86 JPMorgan India Smaller Companies (USD) USD Grade 5
J36 Ninety One GS European Equity USD Grade 5
P47 Ninety one GS Global Energy USD Grade 5
J06 Ninety One GS Global Equity USD Grade 4
J74 Ninety One GS Global Strategic Equity USD Grade 5
J43 Ninety One GS Global Multi-Asset Income USD Grade 3
M65 Ninety One GS Sterling Money GBP Grade 1
M66 Ninety One GS US Dollar Money USD Grade 1
P61 Janus Henderson Horizon Asia-Pacific Income USD Grade 5
R98 Janus Henderson Horizon China Opportunities USD Grade 5
L19 JPM Global Natural Resources USD Grade 5
L18 JPM Global Unconstrained Equity USD Grade 5
R09 JPM Taiwan USD Grade 5
J42 JPM USD Money Market VNAV USD Grade 1
R08 JPMorgan ASEAN USD Grade 4
J34 JPMorgan Asia Growth USD Grade 5
P66 JPMorgan Asian Smaller Companies USD Grade 5
J30 JPMorgan India USD Grade 5
L36 JPMorgan Indonesia USD Grade 5
J32 PMorgan Pacific Securities USD Grade 5
J95 JPMorgan Pacific Technology USD Grade 5
J47 JPMorgan Thailand USD Grade 5
S112 Jupiter Financial Innovation USD Grade 5
P67 Mellon Global Bond (USD) USD Grade 2
L42 Natixis Harris Associates Global Equity USD Grade 5
L21 Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities USD Grade 5
L33 PIMCO Global High Yield Bond USD Grade 3
L22 PIMCO Global Real Return USD Grade 3
J76 Principal European Equity USD Grade 5
M83 Schroder Asian Bond Total Return USD Grade 3
L38 Schroder Frontier Markets Equity USD Grade 5
R34 Schroder Global Climate Change Equity USD Grade 5
P90 Schroder Global Corporate Bond (USD) USD Grade 2
R33 Schroder Global Equity Yield (EUR) EUR Grade 4
R32 Schroder Global Equity Yield (USD) USD Grade 4
L37 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income (GBP HDG) GBP Grade 3
L41 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income (USD) USD Grade 3
P83 Schroder Global Cities Real Estate (EUR) EUR Grade 4
P82 Schroder Global Cities Real Estate (USD) USD Grade 4
J71 Schroder Japanese Opportunities USD Grade 5
J37 Schroder Latin American USD Grade 5
R52 Schroder Middle East USD Grade 5
P92 Schroder Strategic Bond (USD) USD Grade 2
J39 Schroder US Smaller Companies USD Grade 5
R97 Templeton Asian Bond (USD) USD Grade 3
P58 Templeton BRIC USD Grade 5
J60 Templeton Emerging Markets USD Grade 5
L13 Templeton Emerging Markets Bond USD Grade 4
L05 Templeton Global Bond (EUR) EUR Grade 4
L06 Templeton Global Bond (USD) USD Grade 4
L03 Templeton Global Total Return (EUR) EUR Grade 4
L04 Templeton Global Total Return (USD) USD Grade 4
P52 Templeton Latin America USD Grade 5
L51 Value Partners Greater China High Yield Income USD Grade 4
P40 Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks USD Grade 4