Fund closure mailing affecting Hong Kong policyholders

This page is for policyholders who have been sent a letter dated November 2021 regarding switches out of non-SFC* approved investment-linked funds impacting their Hong Kong policy or contract. 

*The SFC is the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong.

In our letter we detailed which default receiving fund has been chosen to automatically switch policyholders into upon the closure of each non-SFC approved investment-linked fund to Hong Kong policyholders. Policyholders can, however, choose to switch into any alternative fund available in the Hong Kong SFC approved investment-linked fund range, free of any switch charge, should they prefer.   

The Investment-Linked Funds leaflet, provided below, details the available investment choices that policyholders can select from. 

Switches can be requested at any time, however, should policyholders not wish to have their holding in the closing fund automatically switched (and their ongoing contributions in the closing fund redirected) into the default receiving fund, we must receive switch instructions ahead of the closure date. 

Policyholders should refer to Appendix 1 in the letter which provides details of the closing fund, the default receiving fund and the date we must receive switch instructions by for each fund if they want to provide alternative instructions. A link to a switch form is provided below which should be completed and returned ahead of the switch deadline. A sample of the policyholder letter is below for reference.

Investment-Linked Funds leaflet

Switch/redirection form

Sample Policyholder letter