Notification of changes to the underlying funds of various JPMorgan Investment-linked Funds

04 Apr 2023

Notification of changes to the underlying funds of:

  • J32 JPMorgan Pacific Securities (the “Affected Investment-linked Fund 1”)
  • J34 JPMorgan Asia Growth (the “Affected Investment-linked Fund 2”)
  • R08 JPMorgan ASEAN (the “Affected Investment-linked Fund 3”

(together the “Affected Investment-linked Funds 1-3”)

Please refer to the notification opposite for details of the changes to Affected Investment-linked Funds 1-3

If you have any questions regarding your policy or the investment-linked funds in which you are invested, please contact our Hong Kong office by calling on: +852 3550 6188 or by email:

We recommend that you seek the advice of your usual independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions.